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Dressing Tips for Plus Size Women

Maintaining a professional and well put-together appearance starts with keeping a wardrobe of flattering clothing. Choosing pieces that flatter your body shape, complexion and features are essential to dress yourself fittingly. If you are a plus-sized individual like me, you may find that choosing appropriate clothing can be a difficult task. Clothing tends to be geared toward slim figures, which often does not translate well on fuller bodies. By learning what works for your body and what is not flattering, you can ensure you look your best.

Dark Colors


Dark colors such as black, navy blue, dark gray or brown are generally flattering for plus-size women. A monotone ensemble can create a slimming effect. Complement your outfit with bright shoes for a splash of color that also draws the eyes away from any problem areas. If you do not want to wear an outfit that consists of only one color, try wearing dark pants with a light top. This will draw attention upward from your legs and help create a leaner appearance.

Patterns and Prints


Experiment with patterns and prints to find designs that flatter your size. Generally, big prints with lots of empty space are unflattering for plus-size women. Small patterns with minimal space between prints can draw attention away from a plus-size body. Try on patterned pieces to determine what works for you. Pair a printed shirt with solid pants or skirt to balance your outfit.

Vertical Stripes



Vertical stripes trick the eyes and make you appear taller, which is also effective in creating a slimmer silhouette. Small pinstripes in slacks make your legs appear longer and leaner. Small vertical stripes in tops have a similar affect on the torso. Wear vertical stripes in your problem areas to diminish the appearance of a bulge. Choose small stripes since thick stripes can be too distracting and unsuccessful at creating a leaner appearance. Horizontal stripes should be avoided, since they create a wider appearance. Horizontal stripes accentuate a person's girth. 

Dress for Your Size

 Clothes that don't Fit


When trying on or purchasing clothing, look for pieces that fit your current size. Clothes that are too tight or cling to your body will accentuate problem areas, such as the belly, arms or thighs. Small clothing is also uncomfortable and usually requires readjustment throughout the day. Conversely, clothing that is too baggy or loose can make you appear larger. This is because your shape is lost in the clothing. Choosing tailored pieces that fit your body can accentuate your features without making you appear larger.
Do not purchase smaller pieces in hopes they will fit six months from now; you still need clothing to wear in the interim. This can be a challenging process since it will force you to accept yourself as you are today. Becoming comfortable with your current size and shape is crucial if you want to choose clothing that fits you well.
 Perfect Fit

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