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Swimsuits for Curvy Women

Finding the perfect bathing suit can seem like a never-ending quest of wiggling in and out of tops and bottoms in a poorly-lit dressing room with unflattering mirrors. Shopping for bathing suits doesn't have to be a nightmare if you know what to look for to accentuate your  assets and minimize your flaws. Knowing your body type and choosing a bathing suit to flatter it is one of the easiest things you can do to feel better about yourself at the beach. 

* Take a good look at yourself in the mirror in a bathing suit or underwear and be honest about what body type you have. Some of the most common body shapes include boy-shaped, pear-shaped, apple-shaped, full-figured, large-chested, small-chested and hourglass. Knowing your flaws and assets will help you find the right bathing suit.


* Try on bathing suits in front of a three-way mirror instead of shopping online or through catalogs. You never know if a bathing suit really fits if you don't try it on, even if you are familiar with the mark. Choose stores that you know have good lighting and sufficient mirrors in their dressing rooms to get the best view possible.

Try two-toned bikinis with a lighter top for small busts and pear-shaped figures. Ruffles, textures and embellishments can also make a small bust look fuller. Lighter colors will make your chest appear larger, as will extra fabric; while darker colors will give your lower half a slimming effect.

 Plus size swimsuits 2014. It can not be said uniformly, which are ...
Wear a strapless one-piece to draw attention away from a large bust. Showing off your shoulders will draw eyes away from your large chest, while the full coverage of a one-piece minimizes your overall chest volume. Look for strapless one-pieces with a built-in bra that has an underwire for support.


Show more skin with a string bikini to add the illusion of curves to boy-shaped figures. Your straight waist and legs mean you can get away with wearing a lot less than fuller and curvier figures. Opt for girly colors and prints to play up your feminine side.

Buy a bikini with a bottom that provides fuller coverage to give shape to a small butt. Look for bottoms with ruffles, ruching or embellishments to add volume to your backside.

 Plus Size Women’s Swimsuits

Choose a tankini or a one piece with ruching on the stomach to minimize an apple-shaped body or large tummy.

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