Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Plus Size Fashion Weekend

The First Plus Size Fashion Weekend

London Fashion Week and the London Fashion Weekend are pretty fabulous and lots of fun - but mostly if you're skinny. Considering that an estimated 60.8% of UK adults are overweight, that leaves the majority of the nation's women out of the high fashion celebrations. Yes, there are shoes, bags and accessories that everyone can enjoy, but the clothing is clearly made and marketed with tiny women in mind. That's about to change because Fashion boutique Trapped in a Skinny World and plus size magazine Evolve have announced the launch of the UK’s first plus sized fashion weekend, which will run parallel with London Fashion Week in February.

The event, London Plus Size Fashion Weekend, will take place from February 15-16, and will feature a plus size catwalk show, styling master class, plus size swap shop, and a discussion panel aimed at enhancing, educating, empowering and supporting the UK plus size industry, which will include Velvet D'Armour, the first plus size model to walk in a Jean Paul Gautier show.

During the event, plus-size designers, retailers and consumers will come together at Shoreditch Town Hall for a jam-packed schedule that includes:
  • Styling Master Class
  • Swap Shop hosted by French plus-size fashion blogger Gaelle-Vanessa Prudencio
  • Plus-size Models 101 class with Milk Management
  • Plus-size panel discussion moderated by plus-size fashion blogger Lauren Ding
  • Fashion show with Simply Be, Carolyn Drapiere, Syreeta Badu, Pauline et Julie, Curvissa, Live Unlimited and others
  • Marketplace for plus-size fashion
Sponsored by plus size clothing line Simply Be, and featuring models from Milk Management, the catwalk show will highlight fashion for women who wear dress size 14 and above from collections from across Europe and America, including London designer Syreeta Badu’s line for sizes 18-26.

If you want more information about the event visit:
fallow the event on twitter @LondonPSFW  or facebook: British Plus Size Fashion Weekend

Saturday, January 26, 2013

How to feel Beautiful

How to feel beautiful even if you are overweight

Looking beautiful starts from within. Nothing can make you look more beautiful than your own thoughts and self-esteem. Actress and comedian Mo'Nique says, "Beauty comes in everything. It's what your eyes perceive to be beautiful." Wearing makeup can be just as beautiful as not wearing makeup. Whatever makes you feel good and beautiful inside will come through on the outside.

Step 1

Don't lose your self-esteem and realize you are beautiful right now. Healthy self-esteem means you're confident in your positive qualities overall, but recognize your flaws. When you understand your own worth, you invite the respect of others. Actress Brooke Elliott says, "You don't have to be a size 0 to be beautiful, to know your worth, to know how gorgeous you are and to act accordingly."

Step 2

Wear clothes that fit you well. Bobbie Thomas, NBC's "Today" show style editor and author of the Buzz column for In Touch Weekly, says, "It’s not about size—it’s about shape. Balance and proportion are the keys to flattering your figure, whether you’re a size 2 or a 22." Squeezing into small clothes will draw attention to the fatter areas, and wearing clothes that are too big will make you look bigger--not smaller. Many plus-size stores offer stylish clothing in larger sizes.

Step 3

Pamper yourself. Get your hair done, a manicure and pedicure, facials or a massage. Learn to pamper yourself at home if salons are too expensive. Invite friends over for a spa party and pamper each other. According to the New York Times, some spas offer basic treatments such as a Swedish massage or more exotic services such as reflexology--a foot massage that uses pressure points to relieve tension. Pampering yourself may make you feel better and as a result, look more beautiful.