Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Embrace Valentine's Day

10 Ways Plus Size Single Ladies Can Embrace Valentine’s Day

When you’re single, Valentine’s Day—with its flowers, chocolates and all-around coupliness—can feel like a cruel joke the world is playing to rub in the fact that you don’t have someone special. It can certainly be doldrums producing—but why let it be? This is one day where you have to take the bull by the horns, and then wrestle it into a teddy bear. After the jump, 10 ways plus size single women can make Valentine’s Day into a celebration of awesomeness rather than a tear-inducing stressfest.
1. Buy a few boxes of chocolates you used to give out in school, the cheesier the better. I am partial to Charlie Brown and Snoopy ones. Now, hand them out to everyone you know. Why did we stop this after elementary school? It was really fun, no?

2. Book yourself a massage or spa treatment. Hey, treat yourself to something indulgent.

3. Gather your single friends for an activity you love to do. Last year, I went bowling with about 10 other single folks and it was way too much fun.

4. Watch a marathon of movies you find truly romantic—not just cheesy rom coms—to remind yourself that love is actually a great thing.

5. Cook yourself an epic, many-course meal full of all your favorite foods.

6. Cuddle up with a good book and finish it in one day.

7. Buy a bouquet of flowers for a friend you feel like could use a little love—someone you know is probably a little down on V-Day. Cheering them up will make you feel amazing.

8. Take a nice, long bubble bath while listening to a great album. And what the heck, put on some lingerie after to remind yourself of what a sexy women you are.

9. Go take a salsa lesson. Or go to a yoga or meditation class.

10. Make a date with a friend to go out to your favorite restaurant or invite other single women to a "Ladies nigh out". Instead of being annoyed by all the lovey dovey couples around you, notice how adorable they are and remind yourself that someone amazing is waiting for you down the road.