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Summer is here!!!

I been playing around with lotion tanners for a few months now and I wanted to shared with all of you my thoughts of the best ones out there. 

Lotion tanners allow you to get a healthy, sun-kissed glow without harmful UV rays. Lotion tanners bronze skin gradually, and the lotion typically must be applied once or twice a day. With lotion tanners available in drugstores and high-end beauty stores, options are priced to fit every budget.

Clinique Self Sun Body Tinted Lotion


Those looking for instant gratification will find it with quick results of Clinique's Self Sun Body Tinted Lotion. Apply this lotion over already moisturize skin for tanner skin that develops in just a few hours. Clinique offers its tinted lotion for several skin shades, so the bronzed look develops over
your natural skin color. Price around $21

Jergens Natural Glow Revitalizing Daily Moisturizer

 Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer

This lotion works over six days to give skin a healthy looking tan. Options are available
for Fair to Medium and Medium to tan skin, so you can choose a lotion based on your natural
skin color. This odorless, streakless moisturizer can be used in place of a regular body lotion.
Priced around $9

L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Lotion 

 Oreal Sublime Bronze Luminous Bronzer Instant Action Self-Tanning ...

Use this tanning on a daily basis to see gradual tan over a course of a week. L'Oreal offers its self-tanning lotion in several variations, including options for various skin tones and options with
SPF, meaning you can get a streakless tan while also protecting skin from UV rays. Priced around $9.50

Nivea Sun-kissed Firming Moisturizer


This one is my favorite lotion tanner because is a self-tanner and firming lotion in one.
With a subtle vanilla scent, this tanning lotion darkens skin in five days without a fake looking
orange tint. Options are available for fair to dark skin tones, so the gradual tan works to benefit your natural skin color. This tanning lotion received accolades from O Magazine and Allure for its affordability and warm glow. Priced around $7.50  


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Those looking for instant gratification will find it with the quick results of Clinque's Self Sun Body Tinted Lotion. Apply this lotion over already-moisturized skin for tanner skin that develops in just a few hours. Clinique offers its tinted lotion for several skin shades, so the bronzed look develops over your natural skin color. Glamour and Cosmopolitan highlight this lotion, priced at $21 at the time of publication, as a top pick for an instant tanning lotion.

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Lotion tanners bronze skin gradually, and the lotion typically must be applied once or twice a day. With lotion tanners available in drugstores and high-end beauty stores, options are priced to fit every budget.

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Lotion tanners allow you to get a healthy, sun-kissed glow without harmful UV rays. Lotion tanners bronze skin gradually, and the lotion typically must be applied once or twice a day. With lotion tanners available in drugstores and high-end beauty stores, options are priced to fit every budget.

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Lotion tanners allow you to get a healthy, sun-kissed glow without harmful UV rays. Lotion tanners bronze skin gradually, and the lotion typically must be applied once or twice a day. With lotion tanners available in drugstores and high-end beauty stores, options are priced to fit every budget.

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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Swimsuits for Curvy Women

Finding the perfect bathing suit can seem like a never-ending quest of wiggling in and out of tops and bottoms in a poorly-lit dressing room with unflattering mirrors. Shopping for bathing suits doesn't have to be a nightmare if you know what to look for to accentuate your  assets and minimize your flaws. Knowing your body type and choosing a bathing suit to flatter it is one of the easiest things you can do to feel better about yourself at the beach. 

* Take a good look at yourself in the mirror in a bathing suit or underwear and be honest about what body type you have. Some of the most common body shapes include boy-shaped, pear-shaped, apple-shaped, full-figured, large-chested, small-chested and hourglass. Knowing your flaws and assets will help you find the right bathing suit.


* Try on bathing suits in front of a three-way mirror instead of shopping online or through catalogs. You never know if a bathing suit really fits if you don't try it on, even if you are familiar with the mark. Choose stores that you know have good lighting and sufficient mirrors in their dressing rooms to get the best view possible.

Try two-toned bikinis with a lighter top for small busts and pear-shaped figures. Ruffles, textures and embellishments can also make a small bust look fuller. Lighter colors will make your chest appear larger, as will extra fabric; while darker colors will give your lower half a slimming effect.

 Plus size swimsuits 2014. It can not be said uniformly, which are ...
Wear a strapless one-piece to draw attention away from a large bust. Showing off your shoulders will draw eyes away from your large chest, while the full coverage of a one-piece minimizes your overall chest volume. Look for strapless one-pieces with a built-in bra that has an underwire for support.


Show more skin with a string bikini to add the illusion of curves to boy-shaped figures. Your straight waist and legs mean you can get away with wearing a lot less than fuller and curvier figures. Opt for girly colors and prints to play up your feminine side.

Buy a bikini with a bottom that provides fuller coverage to give shape to a small butt. Look for bottoms with ruffles, ruching or embellishments to add volume to your backside.

 Plus Size Women’s Swimsuits

Choose a tankini or a one piece with ruching on the stomach to minimize an apple-shaped body or large tummy.

Summer is HERE, enjoy it!
Love your Body!

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Dating Sites for 'Plus Size' Singles


Attraction is a personal choice and as the old saying suggests, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Dating sites are not new to the Internet and neither are big beautiful/handsome men and women.
So what does BBW or BHM stand for and how they are different from general dating sites? Just like there are sites for religious beliefs, geographical locations and ethnic background, there are also sites to help full figured women and well built men find love.

The acronym BBW and BHM stands for big beautiful women or big handsome men. It is not uncommon to see these acronyms sprinkled through the internet because of the popularity and interest in plus size dating.

For years voluptuous women and well built men were considered to be outside of the dating scene. Today with BBW dating sites those theories have changed drastically. There are sites out there that cater to men and women of all shapes and sizes.

Although BBW dating sites cater to women and men that are heavier set, this does not necessarily mean fat, overweight or even obese like some may imagine. Think about women in history such as Marilyn Monroe, many of whom still consider one of sexiest women ever. By today’s standards Monroe was chubby, but when most people look at her they see a healthy, happy woman.

Many people are tired of the social pressure of conforming to unhealthy dieting practices; they just want to find love that is true, just like they are. Curves are in and the Twiggy body style is out. Many women and men alike prefer a little bit of meat on the bones of their mate. Since the BBW dating niche has surfaced, men and women have more choices in regards to their partner’s physical characteristics along with personality and other traits. Since everyone has different tastes, attractions and desires, it is important that people have choices with online dating. It would be a boring world if everyone liked the same color eyes, hair and body style, thank goodness for uniqueness and choices.

Here are a few sites. Have fun and ENJOY!

 Large Friends

Large Friends has put the choice in dating with their search tools and large membership base. This makes it possible to find a plus sized lover, mate, or friend very simply. The basic membership allows individuals to post a profile, upload pictures and browse other member’s profiles. By upgrading to a Gold membership, member’s can then gain access and the ability to contact other members, use advanced search tools, and much more.

The site has a tool that will sort profiles based on zip code, age, gender and other features such physical characteristics. Communication between members includes options such as email, instant messenger, and message boards just to name a few. With numerous members it is easy to find a lover, friend or pen pal that one has spent a life time dreaming of.

Remember basic membership is free, but upgrading gives more tools and flexibility to members. Membership is affordable and can be purchased for less than $30 dollars per month. It is possible to find the plus sized lover of your dreams and if you are in doubt just check out the success stories on the site. There are millions of plus sized individuals in the United States and love lives are growing as well!

 Loving BBW

If those plus sized lovers get you in the mood, Loving BBW may be the site for you. With only around 2,000 members it’s a small, but select community of individuals. The site offers a free membership with limited access and tools. The free membership does offer a person the opportunity to look around the site and make sure that it is the right one before spending a dime. Members that upgrade to the Platinum membership find that they have excellent tools such as video profiles, video chat and much more. There is no more wondering about what the typed word communications mean because with video chat, you are able to talk while looking at one another.

Loving BBW also features personality matching software giving members the most advanced tools to find their dream lover. Members also enjoy online dating tips, advice and an easy to use site. Profiles and chat allow just about anyone to be up and talking to others in a matter of minutes. Convenient search tools and virtual flirts can be used to break the ice between members and get the conversation going.

Given the small membership pool, the prices are on the steep side. Platinum membership can be purchased for $39.99 per month, with the option for 6 months at $149.94.

BB People Meet

BB People Meet claims to be the most active site for overweight singles – and with 90,000 active users there shouldn’t be too much of a problem finding a romantic or platonic connection here. Created by the “People Media” group (which is owned by, they’ve been around since 2003 – which explains their sizable community.

Like most, the site offers a free (though restricted) account to guest members, with which you are allowed to browse the site, setup your photo ad, and even send out a few flirts. Other forms of communication, such as email and instant chat are only available upon upgrading. You can search by state, or using the detailed search form to bring up others who exactly match your tastes and preferences. The ZIP code locator lets you refine users to your particular area.

The community on BB People Meet is generally open and inviting. However there’s no (or very little) profile moderation in place, which means that profile quality “leaves a lot to be desired”. The community is for the most part self-policing in that suspicious profiles can be flagged to the site’s customer support.

 BBW Personals Plus


Love is in the air at BBW Personals – Not only does the site attract plus size women there are a number of BHM (big handsome men) that are looking for love as well. BBW Personals allows a free membership with the option to upgrade for less than $25 per month. They allow members to find new friends, soul mates, or Pen Pals. Now there is a site that finally caters and specializes in those looking to love every inch of their mate!

Members can search through profiles and narrow their searches through a number of characteristics. No matter what is important to the person, they can find it through this site. Essay profiles can be created to help members post information about their likes, dislikes and goals in life. These essays can be viewed and can help find the perfect mate. Chat, video messaging, forums and advice is also available for members, who have upgraded. Uploading photos and creating a profile only takes a short time and opens up many doors to finding larger lovers. Members can also choose a six month membership for $83.94, which is a fantastic deal!

BBW Cupid


BBW Cupid is free to join and caters to full figured women and their admirers. It is owned and run by a company called Cupid Media. Individuals can post a profile and photos on the site before upgrading to a Gold or Platinum membership. After upgrading there are many tools and options provided such instant messaging, chat, favorites and a video gallery.

The site is very easy to use and members can search for preferences such as characteristics, occupation and other desires. Regardless of whether a member is looking to meet a lifetime lover or to expand their circle of friends, BBW Cupid is a great way to do so. Many use the site to find others that are like themselves, allowing a larger circle of friends and contacts. Membership is affordable and establishing a profile is very easy. Members find that they can be talking with others in a matter of minutes after signing up. There is something about plus sized love and finding it has never been easier or more convenient.

BBW Cupid’s declares that their mission is to help plus size women and men find love and happiness without the hassle of general dating sites. Personalized mailboxes help members keep up with their communication and allows them to spend less time learning the site and more time focusing on love.


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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Makeup Tips

If you think fat and beautiful do not go well with each other, think again. To be beautiful, you don't need to be size zero. Sadly, this fact is even ignored by many plus size women who dread their curvaceous figure and plunge themselves in gloom and self-pity. The truth is that plus-size women have all the right curves and a beautiful voluptuous body. It’s very easy for them to look sexy and gorgeous with a little fashion and the right makeup techniques. In fact, with lots of smile and the perfect makeup, they can easily look stunning and lovely. Here are some of my makeup techniques that I know will help any women out there.

Skin-tone Matching Foundation
Choose a foundation as closely matching your skin tone as possible. Otherwise, it will draw the attention to the roundness of your face and will look like a mask. Don’t go for a paste-like foundation and always buy such a product from a reputed brand.
Go For Matte Finish
The light is reflected more on plus-size, rounded cheeks and thus, such women should go for a matte effect, rather than a dewy one. In light, a dewy face gives the impression of sweating or having oily skin and emphasizes the roundness. Therefore, you should go for matte finish, which will complement your features and also last long.

Blush Should Compliment Hair & Skin
The purpose of corrective makeup should be to hide the flaws and complement the positives. A darker blush doesn’t give the appearance of slimmer face, rather gives the roundness away. Therefore, you need to apply a blush that complements your tresses and skin and doesn’t look artificial. Applying it in a right way is also essential. Use it on the apple of your cheeks, with even strokes.
No Heavy Application Of Shadows & Liners
Although playing with the eyes is not a bad idea, heavy application of eye makeup is something to be refrained from. The idea is again to compliment the face and accentuate the beauty of the eyes. Apply a small line of eyeliner on the upper as well as lower lids but don’t apply it all the way across the eyes. The eye shadows should complement the dress. Neutral eye makeup is the best bet for plus size women.
Apply Dark Lipstick
A nice dark lipstick that matches the occasion and your skin tone will easily draw attention away from the roundness of the cheeks and other flaws. Don’t go for neutral shades, as they give a plain effect and draw attention to the fuller face. You can also go for a glossy color, with sparkle.
Have Nicely Shaped Eyebrows
Instead of going for a rounded shape, go for straight, sharper edges to give a slimming illusion to the face. However, you should never opt for very skinny brows, as they make the face look too full.
No Garish Colors
Flashy makeup doesn’t look good on anyone and the plus size women are no exception to this rule. Anything that looks bad on a regular size woman will get exaggerated on a plus-size woman. So, they should steer clear of gaudy make up on all occasions.
Clever Makeup Techniques
Cleverly applied makeup has the ability to hide your flaws and accentuate your plus points. Define your cheekbones with a little bronzer, starting from the temple. Move towards the cheek and then go down the jaw line, moving in an inward letter-three position. Apply the bronzer again, to hide your double chin carefully. If your nose is big, you can give it a slimmer appearance by applying a darker tone of foundation on each side of the nose.
Hope my tips help all of you!
Here is a picture of my face from the other night. So, you guys know how I look with makeup.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Dressing Tips for Plus Size Women

Maintaining a professional and well put-together appearance starts with keeping a wardrobe of flattering clothing. Choosing pieces that flatter your body shape, complexion and features are essential to dress yourself fittingly. If you are a plus-sized individual like me, you may find that choosing appropriate clothing can be a difficult task. Clothing tends to be geared toward slim figures, which often does not translate well on fuller bodies. By learning what works for your body and what is not flattering, you can ensure you look your best.

Dark Colors


Dark colors such as black, navy blue, dark gray or brown are generally flattering for plus-size women. A monotone ensemble can create a slimming effect. Complement your outfit with bright shoes for a splash of color that also draws the eyes away from any problem areas. If you do not want to wear an outfit that consists of only one color, try wearing dark pants with a light top. This will draw attention upward from your legs and help create a leaner appearance.

Patterns and Prints


Experiment with patterns and prints to find designs that flatter your size. Generally, big prints with lots of empty space are unflattering for plus-size women. Small patterns with minimal space between prints can draw attention away from a plus-size body. Try on patterned pieces to determine what works for you. Pair a printed shirt with solid pants or skirt to balance your outfit.

Vertical Stripes



Vertical stripes trick the eyes and make you appear taller, which is also effective in creating a slimmer silhouette. Small pinstripes in slacks make your legs appear longer and leaner. Small vertical stripes in tops have a similar affect on the torso. Wear vertical stripes in your problem areas to diminish the appearance of a bulge. Choose small stripes since thick stripes can be too distracting and unsuccessful at creating a leaner appearance. Horizontal stripes should be avoided, since they create a wider appearance. Horizontal stripes accentuate a person's girth. 

Dress for Your Size

 Clothes that don't Fit


When trying on or purchasing clothing, look for pieces that fit your current size. Clothes that are too tight or cling to your body will accentuate problem areas, such as the belly, arms or thighs. Small clothing is also uncomfortable and usually requires readjustment throughout the day. Conversely, clothing that is too baggy or loose can make you appear larger. This is because your shape is lost in the clothing. Choosing tailored pieces that fit your body can accentuate your features without making you appear larger.
Do not purchase smaller pieces in hopes they will fit six months from now; you still need clothing to wear in the interim. This can be a challenging process since it will force you to accept yourself as you are today. Becoming comfortable with your current size and shape is crucial if you want to choose clothing that fits you well.
 Perfect Fit

Hope you guys enjoy the Post.
See you all soon!

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Tips to Wear Leggings even if you are Plus Size

Tips to Wear Leggings even if you are Plus Size


Leggings have roared back into fashion, becoming a staple for the fall and winter. They're not just for the slim and slender; you can wear leggings if you wear a plus size. Choosing the leggings well and accessorizing them smartly will keep you looking hip without looking hippy.

1    Choose leggings in dark colors and thick fabric. The dark colors are slimming, and the thick fabric will give your legs a smooth look. Buy leggings with a bit of stretch for comfort. Avoid prints.

2    Wear a dress or tunic that reaches at least to your mid-thigh. Wear leggings as you would tights -- with your derriere covered. Knee-length is flattering on any size and height.

3    Wear flats or knee-high boots. Flats look casual yet put-together, and knee-high boots will keep your legs warm. Avoid high heels; they can look tacky with leggings.

4    Accessorize your outfit with a belt to cinch in and show off your waist.

Monday, March 10, 2014

9 Tips for Plus Size Pregnant Women

If you're overweight, pregnancy can be challenging because you're prone to complications such as gestational diabetes -- especially if you gain too much. But don't fear! Here are some simple and easy ideas to help keep you on track.

Target Your Weight Gain Accordingly

Keep in mind that weight gain doesn't have to start until the second trimester. Then you should gain only two to three pounds a month -- 15 to 20 pounds total.

Eat Healthy, High-Protein Snacks

Try a mini whole-wheat bagel with peanut butter.

Drink 8 to 10 Glasses of Water Daily

Staying hydrated will curb your appetite and help you eat less.

Shoot for 25 to 30 grams of Fiber Daily.

High-fiber cereal and whole grains will fill you up

Eat Regular Meals

Stick to breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks. Take in 1,800 to 2,400 calories a day (which may be less than what you're eating now). Erratic eating habits often contribute to weight gain.

Keep a Food Diary

You can consult the diary, along with your doctor or nutritionist, to see what modifications to make (such as reducing portion size) if you're gaining too much or not gaining enough.

Avoid Juices & Sweet Beverages

These are packed with calories. Drink only nonfat milk, water, or unsweetened beverages.

Avoid Simple Sugars

Choose complex carbohydrates, such as whole-grain breads and cereals, fruits, and vegetables.

Get Some Exercise

Even just walking, for at least 15 minutes a day, can make a difference.

Have a Healthy Pregnancy!

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