Monday, March 4, 2013


Big is beautiful, if you know how to pull it off. Even the thinnest women need a bit of work before they feel ready to face the world in the mornings. Just because you're "thick" doesn't mean you're automatically disqualified from beauty. Here are some steps to help you look your best.

1. Exercise: All women agree on this one: a little bit of a workout works wonders not only on your figure, but your overall health. Don't focus only on losing weight. Instead, after consulting your doctor, start a workout focusing on cardiovascular health and toning your muscles. A woman weighing 190 with 36% body fat looks different than a woman of the same weight with 22% body fat.

2. Have good hygiene: Being overweight is completely acceptable. Smelling atrocious or being grimy is not. Pamper yourself with this: get a manicure, get a flattering new hairstyle, but be your natural self, not your clothing.

3. Find flattering styles: Depending on your facial structure and the distribution of your weight, this all varies, for both clothing and hair. With a hairstyle, consult a trained stylist. In clothing, look for a proper fit: your clothing should generally be feminine and a looser fit. That is not to say "baggy", however if you have a tiny waist, accentuate that with a cinched waist instead of wearing a shirt that is not only tight at the waist, but also tight across the stomach.

4. Shift the focus away from your weight and to your personality: Add individual style to your clothing and self. A beautiful pair of earrings, or a pretty pair of shoes, they all say something about you. Go for beautiful.

5. Refrain from showing too much skin: This is distasteful on anyone. Wear long or elbow-sleeved shirts or wear light jackets, and knee-length skirts. Most everyone has nice fore-arms and calves, and paired with a flattering cut shirt, this is a lovely way to show off your beauty.

6. Smile: If you think you are beautiful, so will everyone else. Show off those pearly whites!

7. Push your stomach in a little: This is a a very clever technique because if you push your tummy in a little, your back will be automatically straight so you won't have to worry about how to always keep your back straight. At the same time never over do it because then it will show and look horrible.

8. Keep your back straight: You really gain respect and beauty when doing this.

9. Try using a little makeup but look natural in the process: Lastly, don't think about your weight. It might put you down. Think of how beautiful you are and it will shine through.

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